Manual Can Opener, 4 in 1 Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener with Ergonomic Designed Comfort Grips

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About this item

  • 【4-in-1 versatile opener】 Can opener + lid opener + bottle opener. This versatile can opener is designed to open a can lid, open a bottle cap, lever or loosen a can lid. It combines 4 functions in one unit. The unique design makes it an all-rounder for opening cans or bottle caps.
  • 【Heavy duty stainless steel wheel blade】 That can stay extremely sharp. Open lid jars of various shapes and sizes safely and easily, opens with a gentle movement in seconds without leaving any sharp edges on the jar. Durable and strong, protect yourself and your family with this can opener that makes the edges completely smooth. Sharp edges caused by common can openers can result in poor cutting.
  • 【Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort】 A sturdy hand can opener that is covered with non-slip rubber handles that are
  • 【Made of high quality food grade material】 The sharp cutting disc is made of food grade material, especially the metal tooth is stainless steel, please feel free to use. You just need to rinse under running tap water and let it dry, then wipe with a rag.
  • 【Can easily open the lid】 Step 1: Cut the cutting disc on the can rim. Step 2: turn the knob. Step 3: Keep turning the knob until the can is open. This can opener is ideal for the elderly and arthritis sufferers.

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